The Clean Freaks Advantage


  • Clean Freaks only employ people who love to clean and have great customer service skills.
  •  All of our employees are fit, energetic people with a can-do attitude and meticulous in their attention to detail.
  • Potential Clean Freaks are carefully chosen and undergo Police and reference checks.
  • All team members are extensively trained in all aspects of cleaning BEFORE they are allowed to join our team.
  • All Clean Freak team members are fully insured while working.


  • Clean Freaks is our business.  We are not a franchise or Big Company, we have started our family company from scratch.  OUR name and reputation is on the line every time we clean.
  • There are no lock-in contracts to sign.  We believe that our standard of work is our best asset in keeping our customers happy.
  • Clean Freaks work in teams of 2 or 3, allowing us to clean your house safely and more efficiently than working solo, minimizing interruptions and maximizing your time to enjoy your nice clean house.


  • We offer a wide variety of Time Based cleaning packages.  No task lists means that if something needs a clean, we do it.  We don’t walk past and think “that’s not on the list… leave it.”  We can’t resist cleaning things.
  • We are extremely flexible with the duties performed at each visit.  Working in teams of 2 allows 1 team member to complete the regular duties, while the other focuses on any special requests you may have.
  • Clean Freaks supply all of our own chemicals and equipment.  However, we are happy to use your gear if you would like us to.